Bands from anywhere in the Midwest Communications INC Lansing market area may enter. Bands of all ages are welcome. No solo acts please.

Bands will compete in a three phase contest.

Phase 1 – Online submission.
Phase 2 – Bands will be selected via committee to move on to the online voting. Best band in each category will earn the title “Best (insert Genre) Band in the Land” and move on to the Sept 15th show.
Phase 3 – On September 15th each “Best” band will compete for a grand prize of $1000 along with industry related services and the title of “Best Band in the Land”.


1st runner up (2nd place) will receive $300
2nd runner up (3rd place) will receive $200.

Bands will perform their best selections for 30 minutes. They will be judged on performance, promotion, professionalism, and by a monetary fan voting system (tip jars with $1 counting as a vote).